Principle and Goals

Our Purpose:

A union is a group of people who have joined together for a common purpose they feel must be addressed. At Boston University our common purpose is to make our university a better place for educators to teach at and for students and the community to learn. By forming a union of part-time faculty, we give testimony to the respect we have for each other: we are professionals committed to working together, helping the University, and advancing our shared mission in education.

We formed our union democratically. As members, we elect our own officers and representatives, decide the issues that demand our action, and vote on contracts. As a union, we call on the BU Administration to recognize the work we do, to treat us equitably as professionals dedicated to our crafts, and work with us to put together fair contracts that reflect the needs of adjunct faculty.

Our Principles:

  •  We are teachers, and our first priority is giving Boston University students the best education possible.
  • We are scholars. We have been and will continue to be integral to maintaining and building upon Boston University’s reputation as an institution of excellence and high academic integrity.
  • We believe that Boston University should equitably invest in all of the teachers who create the classroom experience.
  • Adjunct faculty are 41% of the Boston University faculty, yet we have no voice in the decisions that guide the present and future of the university. Every other constituency—full-time faculty, students, alumni, and administrators—have the opportunity to be heard. We believe that we have valuable contributions to make to these decisions.
  • We are organizing with SEIU to give all part-time faculty members the opportunity to contribute to improving Boston University and continue to teach under fair conditions.
  • We believe that joining the national movement to improve higher education by establishing a role for part-time faculty in the national debate over the future of higher education is a worthwhile endeavor.

Our Goals:

Boston University is at the center of a major debate about the future of the role of adjuncts and part-time faculty in higher education. As the third largest private university in the nation, the outcome of this debate will have an impact far beyond the BU campus. The Boston University community has the opportunity to set higher education on a path to fairness, equity and better education.

Therefore, as adjunct and part-time teachers, we have joined together to form our union to work with all of the constituencies of Boston University — students, alumni, parents, faculty and administration — to find common ground in the path to improving higher education. We believe that three principles are critical to the future of Boston University:

PAY PARITY: Students pay the same tuition, earn the same academic credit and benefit from excellent teaching by both adjunct and other faculty. Yet, adjuncts are paid very little compared to other faculty. We deserve equal pay for equal work.

RECIPROCAL COMMITMENT: Adjuncts work contingently from semester to semester with no guarantees of continuing employment. We are deeply committed to teaching. We ask that the university make a corresponding commitment to support all teachers.

ONE FACULTY: Adjuncts are excluded from academic planning and discussions of the future of the University. Without adjuncts, the University could not educate students adequately. The University cannot continue with a faculty divided between an elite and poorly paid, disposable adjuncts. We are all part of the education mission; we need to be one faculty. All of us care deeply about Boston University and each constituency has a role to play in securing its future.

We Invite You to Join Us in this Discussion.

Express your views. As teachers, we are speaking out now about what matters most in education: the experience between teacher and student. We face many challenges; addressing pay inequity, job security and the need for respect is our starting point. Get involved in our shared effort to build a better University — a university that is true to its mission.